About us


Established in 2001 the Forward Looking (FL) is the national NGO working for empowerment of persons with disability in Nepal. We champion the rights of people with disability in Nepal. The FL is non-governmental, non-profit making, non-sectarian and non political organization working mostly in disability. The organization is run and operated jointly by people with and without disability.

At the FL, we believe that people with disabilities should have equal access to rights and opportunities. In Nepal, disability is often treated as a stigma and people with disabilities may easily face discrimination in all aspects of life. Our work includes combating injustices and advocating for the rights issues on national level via different programs.

We work towards improving the way people with disability are perceived and treated within our society. We do this by running income generating, capacity building initiatives, education projects and campaigns to educate the public about the issues faced by people with disability on a day-to-day basis.

Currently FL works in eight districts in Nepal. Our principal donor is Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission (FELM/ Nepal).